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Monika Kuropatnicka-Marciniak

Born under the sign of Leo in Gdynia. That`s where I live and work. Inspired by nature, dreams, fairytales and poetry. The art I create gives mi a chance to express my emotions, my every day joyous moments and sadness, is the memory of the carefree childhood when my creative selfdid not accept the book without pictures.

Ever since I remember I always wanted to draw and create illustration that would portray the world in a more mysterious and magical light. My dream and my goal is to paint pictures that will impact other people`s senses and help them move their imagination to explore the stories through not only words but also colors, shades, shapes and tints.

  • 1989-1994: Art High school in Gdynia (focus: art & photography)
  • 1995-2001: The Art Academy in Poznan
  • 2001: Painting Diploma from Piotr C. Kowalski artshop
  • 1996-1998: Visual merchandising - window display - kids clothing stores (Poznan, Warsaw, Gdynia)
  • 2003: Ongoing cooperation with marketing and advertising agencies as well as media
  • 2006: Ongoing cooperation with Marine University in Gdansk (Hell division) - portraying education through illustration
  • 2006 April: Exposition of artwork, illustrations and pictures during European Cetacean Society Art Exhibition in Gdynia
  • 2010 April: Exposition of artwork at the Art and Culture Center “Zamek” in Poznan
  • 2010 May: Exposition of artwork during International Book fair in Warsaw November
  • 2010: Group Exhibition in Leszno
  • 2011 March: Group Illustrators Exhibition in Pila, Trzcianka, Chodziez
  • 2012 March: XXVI Conference of European Cetacean Society - author and creator of Noble Baltyk award passed from one owner to another on yearly basis

Monika Kuropatnicka-Marciniak


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Monika Kuropatnicka-Marciniak / pracownia@ilustracjemoniki.pl / +48 602 713 161 / Gdynia

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